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Carrying On

That is exactly what I'm doing. I've made more sales errors and I have had to carry on despite the errors. The errors that I have made stem from a lack of goal completion. I cannot cout the times I've actually gave up when I should have stood my ground.

Carrying on is a beautiful compostion of short brush strokes, swjrls, and feathery stokes.

On a 20 x 24 x 3/4 cotton canvas I used a palette of green, yellow, and white to sponge over the applied gesso. When it dried I saw of outline of a shaddow that I decided I wanted to fill in.

Once I outilined the shape with charcoal. I chose to use ocean blue and white to balance out the green. I could see that the shape could be a man or a woman. While working on the figure. It began to get a little heavyFeel. I wanted to brighten the feeling

I added the swirls and tiny circles to show that the beauty left behind can unburned the weight of the load. Enjoy.

This is the underpainting. Painted over gesso with green paint.

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