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Carrying On

That is exactly what I'm doing. I've made more sales errors and I have had to carry on despite the errors. The errors that I have made stem from a lack of goal completion. I cannot cout the times I've actually gave up when I should have stood my ground.

Carrying on is a beautiful compostion of short brush strokes, swjrls, and feathery stokes.

On a 20 x 24 x 3/4 cotton canvas I used a palette of green, yellow, and white to sponge over the applied gesso. When it dried I saw of outline of a shaddow that I decided I wanted to fill in.

Once I outilined the shape with charcoal. I chose to use ocean blue and white to balance out the green. I could see that the shape could be a man or a woman. While working on the figure. It began to get a little heavyFeel. I wanted to brighten the feeling

I added the swirls and tiny circles to show that the beauty left behind can unburned the weight of the load. Enjoy.


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