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Moving Forward

I am so glad to announde that I am moving forward. Let me explain. While my sales to date are not where I want them to be on the Etsy website. Someone reached out to me through Etsy and sent me a proposal for a new opportunity. I was very excited and began to post and submit my work to venues in New York area bororghs. It was also slow gong. So much so that I stopped checking the website to see if anyone was accepinting my propoosals. Then one morning there was not only a yes but a message asking if I had two more like the first submission. My response was an absolute yes and I created two more like the first.

These three works of art are created with spatulars and take a little drying time in between area of work. Also, the application of paint with the spatular creates a texure and needs a spray varnish to prevent pooling.

The first submission was titled Passionate the color purple can represent passion and there seems to be a flow in the painting that suggest movement. The second is Passionate Movement 1 and the third is Passionate Movement 2. The website that has given me this wonderful opportunity is Artsopt

The venue that accepted my proposal is;

Seven Grams Caffe 275 7th Ave., New York, NY 10001

Patrons will be able to view June 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015

My set up will include a brochure and business card. I have frame all three in black frames.

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