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Year Ending Year Beginging

I am just updating my journey with an overview of 2015 and a glance at what I expect for 2016. My excitement of launching my website and showcasing my art has become more of a part of who I am. I feel accepted as an artist and know that the more I work at making my contributions the more reassured I am that there is a place for me to continue and grow. With that growth I will be gaining a development of style while exploring the many varieties of presentation and venues that allow artist to be seen.

I lost a dear friend in January who was my guide. I could share the often times of feeling like a small fish in a big pond. Yet, she would never let me falter . Always giving me the link to the next step. It is because of her I never give up. Her faith in my work will remain and be worth all the effort, angst, acceptance, and rejection that comes along with being an artist.

For her memory I painted "Passing Through,"

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