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I'm back or at least I think I am.

It's a Sunday evening and I have time off from my 64 hour work week. Did I have time to squeeze in my art? But I haven't given up because there is a craving in my soul to continue. I seek to persevere and attempt to work when I can. I am on a new website thanks to my contribution to RAW and I am currently updating all the others including my own Boho Eclectic Artist Visions. I really do need an assistant. I just want to hang on in there for the next two years When I can retire from my day job and become a full time artist.

I keep up with the art world with social media. It is visually stimulating as well as inspiring. I educate myself by reading art books and listening to art lectures. This allows me to tap into the art vocabulary and continue to grow. So, be patient with me as I endeavor to see this journey though to a successful end. Thank you.

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