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Finding My ArT Voice

I know I am and have been that kind of on again off again blogger. Life happens and staying true and on the path becomes more and more difficult. Yet, I have decided to try to seed a few tibets.

One is never let anyone discourage you. It is a skill development and it is within your domain to push through and get what you do out there.

Art value comes from the collective of thought from where one has studied and where one has exhibited. NOT EXACTLY . I have sold on many different platforms and been contacted for commission work and it is because (I Think) they just like what they see.

Just recently an email from Rossocinabro a gallery Italy has invited me to exhibit. I won't be able to at this time and another time might not come. I can hold on to that hey at least that email did reach me.

I have been approved after submission for a half page in Artist Closeup . Is this a part of vanity exposure. I believe it is a way to possibly get new eyes on what I have painted.

Art belongs to us all. We are one planet.

Expect to see IN MY ROOM

In my room I can hide from the all that is negative. I can shine bright , I am the light. I can star and empower myself. I can count my blessing and embrace gratitude, I can create and find release. In my room, in my mind.

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