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Renewing with Spring

It is that time of year when earth renews itself and I have had to take a new look at the journey my art may take me. After my last show in March 2018, I found myself on empty and all I could do was ask myself what was I doing. I was following a passion that brought me joy but I also was thinking I may never get anywhere. So, I allowed myself to brood over it. It has taken a year and several months but I know that this is something I must continue.

The feeling has changed and the mood is all over the place. I have many new ideas and hope that I have the courage to tell myself I have no one to please but me. I have left my full time job in Human Services and can now devote my time to my art pursuit. I know I have some masterpieces inside of me just waiting to be rendered. Here is this mornings work. I got a years worth of catching up to . I will be back with more insight to my art venture.

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