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Dream the opportunities are Everywhere

Is it Karma or fate? But I say that there is a place for everyone that dreams. I believe that the greats painted from there heart and soul. They didn't have to worry about how many followers on social media did they have. The reason I say this is because the numbers I have seem to be enough to welcome great opportunities.

Trust me , I have been invited to attend an art retreat in Rhodes Greece in the summer of this year for 13 days.

This is on of the reasons I want to participate in an art journey, travel. I am sure that is a reason to keep putting out creative works. Since the pandemic I have been struggling to regain my footing. I have been trying to catch up so to speak because of the current pace of life. But I have my own rhythm and I march to the beat of my own drum. It has been working for me.

Here is something new I have been spending some time on. Hoping to take my art to a new level.

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