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My Art Voice

I am struggling to regain my art voice. I have found myself participating on the merry go round of life. I had the most interesting email from a gallery in New York. ARTIFACT. They want to give me a solo show. How am I on their radar I don't know . But I can assure you I am very pleased. But because of my personal life I am finding it difficult to maintain the discipline necessary to continue to believe in myself.

I want most of all to have fun with my art journey and never leave the feeling of creating as something that is all about the money. I think there is too much pressure to make a statement via social media.

The internet has made us sensationalize to a degree our art processes and exposes us to some unmoral characters. My art education started at a very young age. Being able to haunt all the major museums and be in awe of the Wednesday assembly movie of the greats, Van Gough being among the favorites.

Painting in the spirit is one that can be daunting and although I never thought I be I would be pulled into pure abstract. I gather what I see and hear and then find colors to speak for me. I guess that's the reason and the challenge of abstract.

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