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Don't Doubt Yourself

Why do I say that? Well, I often tell myself that I'm a small fish in a big ocean (pond) :) . Yet, Yesterday as I was working on a new painting I rendered on of my most beautiful paintings ( I think ) to date. I am very hopeful for a sale.

I feel very good about this one. I paint in the spirit so there is no niche. I do tend to lead towards rainbows, and blues. but that's okay too. My color palette was red, blue, light blue, white, and yellow.

I think yesterday's senseless shooting in Virginia Beach, let me to dig in and find something of beauty. I believe that when the world personifies it's worst. I need to look for what can bring joy. Not to overlook the severity of the crime. But to appease my conscious I cannot embrace the nightly violence of our species.

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