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Yes, Opportunity

The opportunity for striving for your dream always exist. I am on more than a handful of websites and have with a smattering of results. I am find with that, as I only want to enjoy what I am doing. the business side has for the most part taken a back seat. I had a mentor that passed a little while ago. I do miss her and I don't think anyone can take her place. I have missed some opportunities because I have let other priorities get in the way of the dream.

One doesn't have to have a degree to do well in art. the most important thing to have is passion and heart. Be willing to keep on going . Try not to be too judgmental and follow a plan. Even when it gets side track the opportunity for success still exist and believe when I say when one door closes another one will open.

On the real side be prepared to invest in yourself. Some of the open doors require cold cash, and as in any other business you must pay a fee for being a part of their respective publication or event.

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