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Art Restart

Where do I restart from... It's been quite a stretch since I have had the opportunity to dare and challenge myself to present my art work. I have had to scale down quite a bit. The welcome is still open to me, so I have given myself the freedom to realize that despite all the oppression and naysayers I can do this. I have had to start from scratch without the sponsorship or bank account that I previously had. Yet, I still say that the privilege of being allowed to call myself and artist is part of my destiny. I have to give up the introversion and step out of that world that belongs to me and me alone.

When I found out that I would be without the means to continue I gave the bulk of my supplies to a local school. They were very happy to receive them. But I knew I would start up again. My relocation to Florida is just the motivation I need to try again. It will all restart for me as I exit NYC and land in Orlando on January 31st.

My new plan is to start small working with color theory and try to format my process around that. I still will allow the flow of " paint what you feel," for I am an nonconformist.

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