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It isn't Over Yet :)

I still have the will to make this a thriving venue for lovers of art to become fans, buyers, and a collector. I am not letting bad vibes, personal tragedy, or dwindling resources to put a halt to creating and emoting through art. It seems that just when I lay out the game plan and I am perpetually excited I lose direction. I get sucked into well, well, well...and that's not good.

What keeps me going? A few things. The daughter that got some many art awards in school (and decided to go into nursing) is my best critique and supporter. Or the other daughter who is always buying and bring me customers. But I must admit that the being invited to be published in an invitation only magazine is taking me to okay there is a still an audience that shares my vision.

The publication is "Spotlight." it is also available on the Circle Foundation for the Arts . I do hope to interview and call attention to my expression through abstraction.

RAW & Pancakes and Booze have reach out as there are more opportunities since the pandemic. .. more later. Keep motivated and create all that can.

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