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It Still Goes On " INNER GARDEN"

First why have I not been showing more attention to my blog. I think it's because ART is my escape. It okay no matter how I paint, draw, or what I take a picture of it can be mine and mine alone. Yet, the artist in me wants to share. Not so much my process but the completed creation.

I am pretty sure I will join in the social media frenzy of reels and etc.

Now for the reason I am shouting out. I was invited to submit "Inner Garden," to 'Spotlight' , a contemporary art magazine. Now, I am broke. I have been up and down the road trying to figure out if I was going to stay in Florida or head back to New York. I also encountered both family trauma and job loss. As, even though I have had sales and commissions that were right on time and usually see me through the fallback just wasn't there.

So, this email was so on time for what I call my nonexistent ego it was just the message to my soul to keep focus and join in forage on into what I know to be is my privileged journey within the universe.

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