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Painting With More Than Fingers

So,. lets remember I had to give away all of my art supplies. I donated them to a local school. I have my favorites and work with many different brands. I mostly buy from Jerry's Artarama. I have used Blick and Michaels in the past so I suppose I more than likely will purchase from those sites again.

My first order consisted of 4 items. Two LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylic Paint. Cadmium Red light hue 500ml & Titanium 500ml. It also included LUKAS Berlin Water Mixable Oil Ultramarine 200ml & Cadmium Yellow light hue.

Well, I needed a new easel. I went for the Cappelletto Rosabella Premium Lyre A-Frame Easel. Very easy to assemble. So, I like round numbers and I added Turner Acryl Gouache Set 11ml basic color (6) BK, WH, Rd, Y, G, Bl. & I brought a bush set on sale. I am not going to mention the brand because I was very disappointed. The bristles were too stiff for me. I am going to have to soak them in fabric softener.

Now I have to paint on something, so I brought brands I haven't tried before. The YES, cotton canvas pad was a super surprise to me . It was soft like butter not like the sheet feel of other pads. This will be a nuance to work with. I can sense myself going between my old standby to YES to experiment on the different effects and affects I can achieve. I also have lost some inventory and I don't have the same storage space. Eagerness, angst , and drive are telling me to ease back in. I have lost some of the belief in myself as and artist. The canvas I choose to restart with Creative Inspirations stretched canvas. 5/8" 20x20 & !8x18. Starting small.

Waiting for me in Florida, are Synectic Red Sable brushes, Liquitex Satin Finishing Varnish, Golden Gesso white, and Golden Retarder which gives me more blending time.

Counting down the days until the plane lands.

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